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Earlier, ERP or Enterprise Resource Planner Tools were seen as a one stop solution for automating an organization. But in today’s world of extreme specialization, every department prefers to have their own specialized application that helps them in not only automating but also collaborating with each other and managing their day to day activity.


For Example, the HR Department could be using some kind of a Human Resource Management Tool while the Sales Department could be using some Customer Relation Management Tool with absolutely no relation between them.  While all this is extremely good for the individual department, the organization it self never gets a comprehensive, cohesive picture on the happenings.


Also from an IT department perspective, this means managing that many different applications. Let’s take the case where an employee leaves the organizations; the IT Admin has to disable this user in all these software applications.  Any slippage could lead to potential security problems.


What We Provide:

We provide customized solution to bring all the applications under a centralized control providing the Management a complete picture of the day-to-day working of an organization.  Such a system acts as a Digital Nervous System for the organization, enabling Management to react to internal or external (market, vendor) changes almost in real-time.