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Today Open Source Solutions have become the norm of the day. Enterprises are realizing that opting for Open Source Solutions actually reduces the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) to a very great extent.

Most Organizations are under severe stress to reduce costs. Especially non IT Firms are finding it difficult to increase IT Budgets, as IT is seen as a Cost Center and not as a Profit Center. This is forcing more and more IT Heads to opt for Open Source technologies, thereby contributing to reduction in IT spending. Due to this trend, even IT firms are finding it much better to incorporate Open Source technologies in their products and thereby reduce product cost and in turn make it easily acceptable by end users.

Gone are the days when finding support for Open Source products was difficult and was cited as the main reason for not adopting it. With rapid increase in the rate of adoption, more and more support personnel are also enhancing their skills to include open source technologies in their forté. Also, with increase in adoption, IT Heads are also realizing that most Open Source Software is more stable and robust than its commercial counter part.

Other than cost savings, Open Source also saves you from the hassles of Vendor Lock-in, License Limitations, Support Limitations, etc. Having the code with you also ensures that you are safe in case the Software firm / developer shuts shop. Also, if need be, one can thoroughly review the code for logic, integrity, security, performance, etc. before actually using it.

What We Provide:

We are experts in Open Source Technologies. We can help your organization transition from commercial software to complete Freeware / Open Source Technologies. We have extensive skills and experience in deploying –

  1. Apache HTTP Server with PERL, PHP, Python, Ruby and other scripting language support
  2. Apache Tomcat Server (with Apache HTTP Server integration)
  3. JBOSS JEE Server (with Apache HTTP Server integration and Load Balancing Clusters)
  4. OpenSSL based CA Infrastructure
  5. VS FTPd Server
  6. MySQL Database Server
  7. Squid Proxy Server based Enterprise wide Distributed Web Caching and Proxy Solution
  8. Postfix, Dovecot, Webmail-IMP based complete Enterprise Mailing Systems
  9. OpenLDAP and MIT Kerberos based Enterprise User Authentication System
  10. BIND DNS Server
  11. DHCP Server
  12. NFSv4 / Samba based NAS Systems (or File Servers)
  13. DRBD High Availability Servers
  14. Sun Grid High Performance Computing Cluster
  15. Lustre High Performance Storage System
  16. Enterprise wide Linux Desktop Deployment / Migration
  17. Cobbler and Puppet based Linux Provisioning and Management Systems
  18. MS Windows, Linux and MAC Desktops based Hybrid Office Environment
  19. Nagios / OpenNMS Network Management System
  20. Bugzilla, Subversion, CruiseControl, Apache Maven, Apache Ant, etc. based Development Environment
  21. Xen Source based Complete Enterprise Server Virtualization Solution

When deploying these systems we ensure that the servers are secured properly and all network communications to and from these servers encrypted. We also provide detailed documents of the installation and configuration process. And if required, we also train the Administrators and Users in using, deploying and maintaining these systems.