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Recover is an economical High Availability solution built using Open-Source Virtualization and Scale-Out Storage technologies. It eliminates the need for costly storage arrays and additional OS and Software licenses that most high availability solutions require.

Recover provides High Availability of critical servers like Database, Active Directory, Mail Servers, Web Servers, ERP Servers, CRM Servers, Application Servers, File Servers, etc.

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How it works...

Recover hardware consists of a minimum of two physical servers in a cluster formation, with a stripped down Linux Operating System installed on it. The high-availability sub-system consists of two parts -

The first part is a scalable high-availability storage, created by striping and mirroring the hard disks on each node in the cluster. No storage arrays required here. The high-availability features of the file system provides data consistency and reliability.

The second part is an optimized and tested KVM Virtualization system. Open-Source KVM Virtualization, being kernel based, is the fastest virtualization technology available today. It is backed by RedHat and is one of the most popular virtualization software used in building public and private clouds. KVM has all the features provided by other commercial virtualization tools and plus some very unique advanced features too.

Through a process called P2V, the hard disks in the existing physical servers in your network, are converted into Virtual Hard Disks to be used by the virtual servers. These virtual hard disk images are stored on the high-availability file-system making them automatically available to every node in the cluster. If one node in the cluster fails, the other nodes in the cluster takes over the virtual servers hosted by the failed node, providing high-availability of services.

Once setup, the virtual servers are thoroughly tested before making them online.


Recover guarantees the lowest TCO and fastest ROI, while ensuring high level of business continuity and service availability at a much lower cost (CapEx or OpEx) compared to other commercial high-availability solutions.

The solution can be implemented on any brand of hardware, which can also be mixed and matched if required. No central storage like SAN or NAS is required either.  Also, unlike most other High-Availability solution, no additional OS or Software licenses are required for the failover servers. Overall Manageability cost is also lower than any available commercial solution.